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Since 2009, Jeremy and Sara Brown have been ministering with Wycliffe Bible Translators in the Republic of Congo, working to bring the Bible to Congolese people in the languages they understand best.

While we still work to support Bible translation in Congo remotely through computer support and Bible story video development, we now live and work in the US. As part of the Language Software Development team, we create software tools that help accelerate the work of Bible translation around the world.

The Missionaries: Jeremy and Sara Brown
Their Children: Peregrine (Perrin), Paladin (Aldin), and Taliesin (Tal)
Ministering to: Bible Translators around the World
and the Republic of Congo
Project summary: Create Bible story videos for 25 Old Testament passages that have beeng translated in 5 Congolese languages by a group of Congolese Bible translators.

New US Ministry Budget: Currently funded to 57%.
We need to reach 100% to start work with Language Software Development.

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