Final Videos Delivered to Congo!

Hip! Hip! Hurray! The final Bible story videos have been delivered to Congo!

Last month, we sent a package to Africa with our friend and colleague Angi who lives in Kinshasa, DRC. She passed the package off to some of the translators from our project who were in Kinshasa for their translation consultant training. They in turn brought the package back across the Congo River to Brazzaville and delivered it to the team there.

The package contained two USB drives with all the files for the completed audio recordings and Bible story videos. It also contained five DVDs, each one the master disc for all the of videos from Exodus and the other historical books like Joshua, Judges, 1 Samuel, 1 Kings, and Daniel.

Here’s the cover art for the Exodus and Historical Books DVD in Kituba:

We’ve heard from our colleagues in Congo that they’re excited about the arrival of the final set of videos. One of the translators who is now working to engage community support for the ongoing project took some of the videos with him to show to the people in the town of Gamboma.

I went through all the files today to find out how much audio and video we created over the course of this project. In addition to printed booklets of the stories, we are also publishing over 23 hours of Bible recordings and over 32 hours of Bible story videos!

Please continue to pray that God will use His Word to transform people’s lives in Congo, and that the translation teams will continue to make progress as they engage with their communities and translate more Scripture.



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