Giving the Bible a place in your home

Have you ever considered giving the Bible its own place in your home?

Ever since I started purchasing the volumes of the St. John’s Bible, I thought it would be cool to have a lectern or Bible stand where I could store the large format books and open them for reading on top. I imagined designing and building it myself, since I enjoy woodworking as a hobby. That never happened though.

Recently I was thinking about that idea again. Partly because I’m always finding my normal-sized Bible piled under stacks of other books and papers on my work desk, and then having to move things around to have a place to put it while I read. And the large format St. John’s Bible volumes are so big that when they’re open, there’s really no place for them.

I started thinking: I have a place to work (my desk), a place to sleep (my bed), a place to eat (my dining room table), a place to watch TV (my couch) and so on. Why don’t I have a place to read the Bible that is actually dedicated to that purpose and doesn’t require a mini-cleaning and reorganizing exercise every time? Wouldn’t it be great if my Bible had a place dedicated just to it?

I started searching for lecterns online and found a nice “mahogany” lectern, on sale, with an adjustable shelf that would fit the volumes of my St. John’s Bible. Once it arrived, I set it up in a corner of my home office area, next to my marimba. It’s currently open to the Gospel of Matthew, which I’m reading through right now.

If you’re having trouble keeping to a daily Scripture reading plan like I was, maybe you need to give the Bible a place in your home. If you have 18″ x 18″ of floor space, you could get a lectern like the one I bought and put your Bible on top. There are also smaller lecterns made to sit on top of a table or counter. Or maybe you have a flat surface somewhere that you can clear off and turn into your Bible reading spot.

I suggest that you leave your Bible open. That makes it so easy to stop for a moment during your day and read a few paragraphs or a chapter. That way you don’t even have to open it up and find your place. Make a commitment to yourself not stack other things on top either. Don’t turn it into another place to pile up bills or kids’ art projects.

By giving your Bible its own physical space and leaving it open to where you were last reading, you can help acknowledge the importance and centrality of God’s Word in your life and home. And you’ll be removing as many barriers as possible to spending a few moments meditating on Scripture during your busy day.

Whoever looks intently into the perfect law that gives freedom,and continues in it—not forgetting what they have heard, but doing it—they will be blessed in what they do. – James 1:25










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