Response to the Joseph film in Congo

People from Loutété watching the Joseph video in Dondo

In February, a team of mobilizers went to Loutété, a town in the Dondo-speaking part of Congo. Dondo is one of the languages that was part of the 5 language translation project. They went to train representatives from local churches there in how to establish a committee to take ownership of a Bible translation project in their language.

The mobilization team. Madel, the Congolese woman in the middle, is one of the three Dondo Bible translators.

Our Language Programs Coodinator, Andrea (2nd from the left in the photo above), wrote me an email about this trip, to tell me about the people’s response when they watched the Joseph video that I helped produce.

One of the evenings we watched the video “Joseph” in Dondo. There are refugees who live at the parish because of insecurity in their region. Several of them came to join us.

It was so exciting to see how they were enthralled with the film. And when everyone shared afterwards what we liked about the film, there were several testimonies referring to having finally for the first time understood the whole story of Joseph, and how they were touched by the way Joseph forgave his brothers.

I wished you could have been present, I know this would have been a great encouragement for you. So thanks again for continuing to produce those videos.


Please pray for more opportunities for the translators and mobilization teams to show the videos, play the audio Bibles, and share the printed text of these passages from God’s Word with the people in Congo who speak Dondo, Kituba, Mboshi, Ngangulu, and Southwest Teke.

I’m currently working on the Noah video, which will complete all the videos in Genesis. After that, I’ll move on to stories from the Old Testament like David and Goliath, Elijah vs. the Prophets of Baal, and Daniel in the Lions’ Den.

Please pray for God’s continued help and inspiration as I prepare these videos, and that they will go on to speak God’s Word into the hearts of the people who watch them.


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