Joseph Videos Completed!

I’ve been working since late October on the next Bible story video for the five-language translation project: Joseph (Genesis 37-46).

I’m happy to say that they are now available to view and download on Vimeo!


12-Engungwel: Dzədzef from Bibles au Congo on Vimeo.

On average, I was able to create a video for one chapter in all five languages each week. At the end I appended all the chapter videos together and tacked on a title at the front and credits at the end to produce the final video for each of the five languages. Each video contains 9 chapters of Genesis and lasts about an hour.

I have a few more stories in Genesis, including Noah and the Flood, before I move on to Exodus and other passages.

I also created a PowerPoint presentation today to share with some colleagues about the process we’re using to create these videos. If you’re interested in seeing the 24 steps I’ve gone through for every video we’re creating, you can check out the presentation here:

Video Creation Process

Please pray that God will use these videos to touch the hearts and lives of people in Congo who speak Dondo, Kituba, Mboshi, Ngangulu, and Southwest Teke.


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