Progress on Bible Story Videos

I wanted to share a little status update on the Bible story videos that I’m working on for the five language translation project in Congo.


07-Kituba: Abalami from Bibles au Congo on Vimeo.

I’m currently working my way through Genesis. So far, we have a video for the Creation (Genesis 1), for the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11), and for the life of Abraham (Genesis 11-22). I’m getting really close to finishing the Joseph story and I hope I can get that done before the end of the year.

In general, it takes me about a week to take one chapter and turn it into a video for all five languages. I have to:

  • create a script based on the English Bible for my ease of reference
  • match up illustrations or photos for each verse or portion of a verse
  • add pan and zoom effects to the still images
  • add sound effects where appropriate
  • find music that adds to the mood but that doesn’t overwhelm the voice script too much
  • tag the audio file for each language with verse reference numbers and other markers so the images can be automatically aligned by the computer with the markers in the audio
  • run the program that processes all that int a video project
  • make subtle tweaks for each language. The length of the video in each language is affected by how quickly or slowly the voice actors spoke.
  • launch the video software and produce the project into a video file
  • review the video and make any needed changes

After the Joseph story is done, I’ll finish up a few other stories in Genesis like Noah and the Flood. Then I’ll move on to working on the Exodus passages.

Interested in seeing the videos we’ve been working on? Check them out at

The Congolese language communities will be able to view this on the web or as the videos are distributed on physical media (DVDs, SD cards) by our colleagues in Congo.


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