Some Family Fun

As a family, we’ve had some fun over the last few weeks. We went down to the Congo river with our kids to walk along the new promenade that’s being built next to the river to accompany a road expansion that will eventually link the two major highways that meet up in Brazzaville. We walked along as the kids raced up the hill, and looked at people gardening down by the river, then ate a picnic lunch before heading back. You can check out the photo album here.

The 11th African Games were held in Brazzaville this year. They built a new highway that links Brazzaville to a giant stadium that was built north of town to host the African Games. Jeremy went with some friends to check it out first. Later our whole family and the Parker family went. We saw “handball” (a cross between basketball and soccer) and javelin throws, and visited a craft fair on the premises that had local artisans and their carvings, sculptures, pottery, paintings, and fabric goods. See our photo album of the 11th African Games.


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