CAR: Survived The Day

This morning I was very thankful to receive word from our friends in Bangui. They are alive and still in need of prayer. They write: Seleka rebels captured the city […]

More News on CAR

The rebels have definitely entered CAR and there are reports of looting, both by rebel troops and possibly by locals. Several news agencies are now covering the story: BBC News

Urgent: Pray for CAR

According to the best information available, the rebels are now in Bangui. See this BBC article for a summary of the situation. Our director and his wife, currently in Bangui, […]

Update CAR

The BBC reports that late yesterday an attack helicopter dispersed the column of rebels advancing toward Bangui, temporarily halting their advance. Click here to read the whole story.

CAR Back In The News

I am sad to be posting on the situation in the Central African Republic again so soon. Just yesterday, I Skyped with someone there and was told that the peace […]