Rapid Word Collection Workshop

Last Friday we finished up a two week Rapid Word Collection Workshop for the Ngungwel language. Eight to twelve Ngungwel-speaking participants showed up every day to think of and write down all the words in their language.

The process used asks the participants to think of all the words they know in a particular semantic domain. For example, an English speaker thinking of the semantic domain of “The Sun” might think of words like: sunshine, sunny, bright, fiery, sunset, sunrise, eclipse, rise, set, sunspot, high noon, and so on.

Although we had less participants than we hoped for (the ideal number is around 30), we did end up collecting almost 2500 words in Ngungwel. This data is needed to start a dictionary project, to help create literacy primers for learning to read Ngungwel, and it can also serve as a valuable word list to help Bible translators as they work on the language.

I helped lead one of the groups through the questionnaire of semantic domains, while Sara found people to watch Perrin in the afternoon several days each week so she could help enter the words into a word database.

Pray that God will help us use the words we collected to bless the Ngungwel-speaking community.

If you want to find out more about Rapid Word Collection, here’s a video that tells how this method has been used in Ghana:


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