Something New In The Market

When we go to the market, there’s between two and eight people who go depending on the week, more often two than eight. We arrive together and leave together, but shop at our own pace. Yesterday, I reached the meeting point a little before the others. As I waited, I noticed one of the stalls was selling fresh peanuts and something I’d never seen before. It’s about an inch long, teardrop shaped, and dark purple/black with a fuzzy texture. So I asked what it was. The vendor answered it was called “dakar” (or that’s how it sounds anyways, I’ve never seen it spelled) and that it’s edible. One of the porters demonstrated — he cracked open the husk (or maybe it’s a shell) and popped it in his mouth. I bought twenty cents worth (about 2 handfuls) and brought them home to try. After washing them properly, I tried them today and discovered that the inside was hard. I couldn’t eat it. Instead I had suck the sweet tangy exterior off the seed and then spit it out. I think it might be a fruit.
A picture of the dakar in a white bowl.

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