A Neat Story

Every Sunday evening, Sing and Share happens on the center. This is a time for English-speaking Christians to sing together and pray for each other. People from a variety of organizations come, either regularly if they live in Brazzaville or irregularly if they’re passing through on their way to another part of the country.

One such organization, Global Outreach Mission, runs a hospital in Impfondo (in the northeast part of Republic of Congo right across the river from the Democratic Republic of Congo). Recently the last of their ultrasound machines broke. The hospital director and his family were in the U.S. and got online to try and find a replacement part for the older machine which is no longer being manufactured and sold. He found the piece he needed for sale on eBay. The person selling it didn’t really know what it was for, but had simply listed it by the part info. When the hospital director ordered it he sent along a comment that it was for an ultrasound machine and why he needed it. The eBay seller sent him the part at no charge and paid for the shipping himself!

God works in mysterious and miraculous ways!

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