We Found a Driver

So on Friday, we finally found a driver. He’s a Congolese guy named Schmidt, who was recommended to us by a driver who wasn’t available until August 7th and who […]

Rescheduled Trip

In our last newsletter, we mentioned that we were planning a language documentation trip to a Teke speaking area at the start of July. For a variety of reasons, the […]


I’m sure I’ve mentioned my vendetta against the mosquitoes and other bugs that enter our house. It’s the dry season again, and no falling rain means no water movement, a […]

The 5th of July

Twice I’ve celebrated the 5th of July. I know it sounds strange, but hey! That’s life, right? The first time was in 1998 when I was in Scotland for my […]

In The News

Two Septembers back, Sara’s parents came to visit us during our French study. We took a vacation with them and saw some castles (among other things). Among the castles we […]