Dukin’ It Out

In the ring today, we have “Movie Night At the Brown’s” vs. “World Cup Soccer: USA vs. Ghana.” After one short round, “World Cup Soccer” wins by at least 4 […]

Conference Summary

I think the biggest part of our conference was presentations. We had presentations from each country talking about the work over the past three years as well as presentations about […]

Comprehensive Planning

One of the things that I’ve been trying to understand lately is exactly how we’re getting Bible translation done in Congo. Some people said one thing, others said another and […]

Random Dictionary Fun

Okay, so from the title, you’re probably thinking I’m the most boring person you know. But I promise, it isn’t as bad as it sounds! I’m in the final verification […]

Friday Night Fun

When someone orders a (rather) random movie off of Amazon that has lots of Chinese food being cooked in it, what do you think happens? Friday night fun of course. […]

Safely Back to Brazzaville

Our conference finished on Friday, and our spiritual retreat finished this morning. (We’ll try to write more about that later and post some photos.) This afternoon, we boarded our plane […]