Safely Arrived in Bangui

Early Saturday morning, we met up at the airport with all our colleagues who were travelling to Bangui. After a little bit of drama with people hassling Sara (which our […]

Off To Conference We Go

Early tomorrow morning we go to the airport, get on a plane and fly to Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic, for our branch conference. This conference happens […]

Like Christmas in May

Wednesday evening was a little bit like Christmas. One of our friends had a quick two week trip back to the US and she brought back a few things for […]

Multiple Choice Test

You have a headache for two days. Is the cause you’re coming down with malaria you need to drink more water you’ve got a deadline looming and you’re stressed So, […]

Made In The Image Of God

Talking bad about people is just as bad as murder. Why? Because we’re made in the image of God. If you’re interested in a more complete explanation, click this link: […]