Yesterday, Jeremy said to me “No me gusta être sick.” I wasn’t feeling that great so I said “What?” (like you probably did). So he explained “No me gusta” is Spanish for “I don’t like”, “être” is French for “to be” and we all recognize “sick.” “I don’t like being sick” with words from three languages. Of course, as a linguist Jeremy couldn’t leave it there. He went straight onto “Mir gusta être sick te.”

Mir gusta être sick te
1 person pronoun like to be sick not
German Spanish French English Lingala

From here, Jeremy reached further and came up with an amusing idea. Since there are almost 7000 languages in the world, we could create a new language with almost 7000 words, each one from a different language and we could call it… Desperanto (like Esperanto but better)!

So, if you’re not a linguist, maybe you don’t appreciate it, but I’m pretty sure if you’re a linguist this is pretty funny. Or maybe I just stayed up too late.

– Sara

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