Orientation’s Over

Today marks the end of our seven week orientation period and the beginning of our group service. Group service means that we fill in and do whatever’s needed while we […]

Two Things

Two things happened today that I thought you might be interested in. First, I took my panyas (African fabric) to a tailor. Next Thursday I’ll go back and have a […]

Drinkable Water

Where we’re living now (the organization’s Congo-Brazzaville campus) has it’s own well and pump, so as long as we have electricity (either from the city or from our generator), we […]

It’s Market Day

On Wednesdays, I go to the market by taxi with a couple of other ladies to shop for food for the week. Today, Jeremy and I made arrangements with one […]


There are a lot of things that I thought were normal in the U.S. (things we take for granted) that I’m learning to appreciate now that I’m living in Africa. […]

Life in Ouesso

On May 25, we boarded a plane for Ouesso, a northern town near Congo’s border with Cameroon. Travelling with us were John Phillips, the Bekwel language project coordinator, and Jon […]