Our doorbell just rang, and when I got up and looked through the peephole, I saw some kids outside. I figured they must be here for Halloween. Sure enough, when […]

Family Fun Time

My sister Meadow moved to Paris last month, where she is teaching English to high school students. Sunday, she took the train to Chambéry to visit us! So far we’ve […]

Six Months Already?

This day six months ago we on a plane in San Francisco. Our destination? France. It doesn’t seem like we could possibly have been here that long. Granted our French […]

End of the Line

Today we went to the insurance agency, just to see if they had any help for us. But since we hadn’t covered our car for theft, there was nothing they […]

It’s Gone?

Yesterday night, we went to play games with David and Emily and returned home a few minutes before midnight. A little less than an hour ago, we went to the […]


We sent out a newsletter in late August, but forgot to send it out on e-mail. I guess it’s better late than never.- Sara