Gas Prices

We haven’t driven our car that much in the 2 months we’ve been in France. We drive it to church, the grocery store, and to our friends’ house, which are […]

My Hero For The Day

Dill pickles have been one of my favorite foods since I was two. But until today, the only place I’d found them was at McDonald’s, on a burger of course. […]

To Know What It’s Like

There was another event with church this weekend, a ‘Weekend at the Mountains.’ When I was thinking about whether or not I wanted to go, I felt a bit ambivalent. […]

Sara’s Auto-école

Apparently in France, teenagers have to go to driving school before they’re allowed to get their driver’s license (at age 18). Driving school is called ‘auto-école’ and we’ve seen several […]

Moving Up

Once a month, our school tests every student and then shuffles the groups around according to how well the students have learned. Our first month, Jeremy was placed in Group […]

Things You Never Realize

On our way home from hanging out with friends, I pointed out a traffic signal that I’d never seen before; it was a blinking yellow arrow pointing right. Jeremy speculated […]

The Sermon at Church

The first Sunday we were here (April 27), I only understood one sentence of the sermon and I even had a hard time distinguishing one word from the next. Cut […]