Our language school arranges a variety of activities for the students. Some are free (conversation classes for example), others you have to pay for (trips to other cities). Today, they […]

A Month

I can hardly believe that we’ve been in France for a month. In many ways, things are going well. We have an apartment, car, bank account, and we’re beginning to […]


Today we leaped another hurdle: we got car insurance. The lady that helped us was very accommodating and understanding. She asked us some questions that we didn’t know that answers […]

Finding Church (Or Not)

I find driving in France a bit stressful. I’m sure once I’ve done more of it, it will get better. Driving out into the country wasn’t so bad because most […]

Driving Lessons

Thursday was Labor Day in France (May Day too I guess), and so everyone in France had the day off. Everyone. None of the stores were open, school was closed, […]