Numbers and Errands

I managed to arrive on time to class today. I’ve never been good at being on time, but I’m working really hard at it. Our teacher is very nice; and […]

Like Riding A Bike

So, here in Europe, everyone drives cars with manual transmissions. I haven’t driven a stick in years, although I learned on one. Today I drove in France for the first […]

An Apartment And A Car

One of the things that has made life easier for us is that Jeremy’s cousin Karen and her husband Rob are just finishing their time at the language school we’ll […]

Au Revoir USA

Wow, it’s been busy the last few weeks. Setting up French bank accounts, finalizing our Wycliffe paperwork to get permission to go, and packing our life in boxes to stay […]

We’ve Moved!

Whew! Moving is a lot of work! Sara’s parents arrived last Wednesday to help us pack. We made two trips to leave stuff we decided not to keep with Mariner’s […]